Ada Ventures' $34m fund for Overlooked Founders

I was recently reading through a conversation I had with an investor in African energy markets on Whatsapp and immediately thought of Ada Ventures because of the focus of the fund. The venture fund founded by Francesca Warner and Matt Pennycard will seek to invest the $34m pool of money in markets that have for some reason or the other, been overlooked (by mainstream startup investment). 

While contemplating the focus of the fund, I became extremely aware of the circumstances faced by founders that have founded startups in the mental health space, for instance, who may have very feasible business propositions but are refused access to venture debt as a result of bias and stigma typically associated with their condition.

It reminded me of myself a little in that I have a focus that is outside of my health condition but am repeatedly encountering obstacles that create unnecessary headwinds for the businesses that I manage. I also recently had a conversation with a Director at the Network For Sustainable Financial Markets who is based in Istanbul about the value of ESG investing, impact investing and other sustainability frameworks that can be applied to the above.

Please take some time to read the interview with NSFM and let me know your thoughts.