The RWC Final in Yokohama (2019) - Lessons in Team Building

Hello all, so if you haven't been too busy for the last two months or so, you'd know that outside in the real world, today was a momentous day. Why? Well because it was the Final of the Rugby World Cup tournament in Japan.

It was a resounding victory for South Africa, who ran out 12 - 32 winners on the night. The necessary pieces to Eddie Jones' tactical vs selection puzzle just weren't fitting into place on the day. Could have been anything. The occasion or the venue. South Africa, England's opponents, were still in the mood from their previous victory and it showed.

Owen Farrell played like a true hero. As did the rest of the team. Brings me to my next point about building high-performance sports teams with winning cultures. You can have off days, goes without saying, but just not when the finale comes, save something special for the final. The final is like a new occasion.

Matt Syed in the Times breaks it down most accurately, and I fully agree with this post on Instagram about the win against the All Blacks. With defeat comes humility. "Excellence is not an act, but a habit" as one philosopher once wrote. The margins are close but how long you last in the game as a winner is all about that one key factor, bounce-back ability!

Congratulations to my SA friends, Oyama and Fatima. A well-deserved victory!