Recruiters as Media Buyers

RecruiterZone had a lively webinar this afternoon with Louise from UK Recruiter and Adam from Applichat, which is a facebook recruitment platform that allows users (recruiters) to post targeted ads to a segmented Facebook audience. Applichat then converts these ads into an interest in a job vacancy which results in a qualified lead being extracted to or submitted to a client applicant tracking system. Applichat, which is currently based in Mexico, and services clients from the Far East (due to their superior click-through rates) then collaborate with Facebook is enhance these targeted ads to heighten the likelihood of more relevant "ad" applications.

Louise runs through a variety of aspects including the perception that Applichat is a newly formed media buyer (scalable ad agency) for recruiters. This is all the more poignant because Facebook is seen very much as a passive avenue in today's social media market. What ought to be said is that the webinar posed a few interesting questions. Namely, the question of what industry/sector Applichat focuses on or operates within and how they plan to develop clients from this sector in the short-medium term? Adam highlighted the high-volume recruitment market as one which he took interest in.

Adam also mentioned something that was quite high-level for me in response to one of the questions that was asked by John. It was about his view on split testing on Facebook.

I learned quite a bit from Adam's responses and definitely recommend that you watch the replay if you have an interest in programmatic advertising as it relates to Facebook data and applicant tracking.