Gender Pay Parity Still Elusive For Over 60's in the UK

Research from the ONS has suggested that for an average salaried position for instance on a board or as a committee member, open to those with the adequate level of post-certification experience (25+ years) who each will no doubt have senior leadership capabilities, *gender* still plays an important part in the level of remuneration one receives. Even with the right level of experience. Fascinating if you're a consultant in the search industry.

Gender Pay Gap reporting requirements came into effect on 6 April 2017, requiring employers of over 250 employees to publish prescribed statistics relating to UK employee pay, for publication annually before 5 April. To get a feel for what a gender pay report looks like, the FRC published its report here.

It's been a while since the post on gender pay gap reporting, hence my surprise when it was mentioned on Sky News a few days ago and posted by the Financial Times today

The chart in the link from the FT shows the UK gender pay gap for under 40's, which is approaching zero, and charts the difference in pay reported by the ONS in 1997 through to 2019. The stark reality of the situation is that the over 60's have a much broader difference in realised compensation since 1997, amounting to some 15%.