Further Thoughts on Employer Branding

Had a quick stop at the Nigerian Embassy today to collect my Flygerian passport with my mum. Happy to see that Brexit is in full swing also. On the way back to the office, I had to reschedule a prior meeting, I started thinking about Hung Lee's Recruiting Brainfood which I get reminders about every Friday at roughly the same time. 3pm. This week's topic of choice by Hung was an impressive attempt to clean up the thought leadership on what Employer Branding actually is?

Indeed, there ought to be a glancing eye GIF applied to all the instances where thought leaders in recruitment who have already explained the concept of Employer Branding (EB) begin to hasten at an attempt to convey its value to an estranged audience, hence when we see the likes of none other than the curator of Recruiting Brainfood, doing big numbers on LinkedIn and livestream on the topic of EB, the reason for GIFs like these, becomes ever more pragmatic and meaningful. 

So, come 4pm every Friday Hung Lee hosts Brainfood live on Crowdcast. Elena and James gave their high-level talk today on the values they see underpinning EB in the modern realm (with lots of puns and healthy banter). James (Ellis) is one of the most committed to implementing this field of study. His work is focused on the pragmatic definition of EB and extends its philosophy proudly through interviews and pods. 

Not too familiar with the work of Elena but she's also a pioneer in the Chicago scene. As for this week's episode of Brainfood however, it was an interesting6 platform for Elena and James (as well as the usual audience) to employ tactics to get recruiters to engage and participate in the scope of EB, especially while businesses are bidding up the price of brand value. Definitely worth a listen and watch if you are, like today's guest James, a hardcore EB advocate. I attempted to engage with the webinar attendees to define EB as correlated with the Candidate Experience (CX), but to no avail.

Warning: It's a 4-way conversation which gets very dense for a livestream/podcast