Employee Value Propositions and Communities

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Nando and the cool team over at AIHR for this pretty comprehensive guide to EVP which comes with a great video on Shell's corporate experience in the oil sector. 

It goes back to what James Ellis said last week about EVP being "quite different from your Employer Brand". I agree 100% with James on this one, the EVP seems to be a much more internally defined concept. One which is housed under the same umbrella as everything from the mission statement to the corporate brand itself. 

So huge distinctions there.

Also, a quick message via Hung Lee regarding this week's Brainfood which will be on the topic of communities in the recruitment industry:

This Friday, we'll be bringing in some expert community builders in the recruitment space to help us think through the problem of community engagement.

  • Jamie Leonard, Founder of the Recruitment Events Co, and the amazing RL100 group
  • Piret Luts, Head of TA at Nortal, and founder Recruitment Thursdays
  • Shannon Pritchett, MD at CareerXRoads, previously with SourceCon as one person community firestarter throughout the globe. 

Will be joining us this  Friday 8th November, 4pm GMT
Free 1 hour webinar with experts in the field. 
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See you on Friday!