Artificial Intelligence meets Employer Branding - Unilever

I just thought I'd share this article on Unilever.

Their Employer Branding effort is impressive but it still bugs me, big time. Why? Because according to Bernard Marr & Co. on YT, Unilever, one of the larger entities in Europe and across the globe, actually utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning (NLP, computer vision, etc) in their screening process.

Using AI to narrow down the candidature, as Bernard puts it is a great idea, but how is that synonymous with the idea that great Employer Branding equals great Candidate Experience? While marketing is a very "eyes on me" sort of exercise, AI tends to leave the candidate feeling objectified and arguably, the recruiting world is left better positioned by having recruiters at the initial stages, arguably.

Lack of human contact can be concerning for a large organization like Unilever because it gives off an air of superiority. The push-back must be unreal!