Neoliberalism and Gender Equality in Britain

Something for the women on Father's Day. A great piece of weekend reading for those interested in the struggles of the female gender in the workplace. Found in the French Journal of British Studies (2018). Ties in well with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) 100th anniversary, which occured this year (April 2019).

Spoiler Alert: The paper has a few very reasonable findings, one which demonstrates empirically that there is a growing centralisation of childcare provisions, austerity measures, and state intervention in Britain which has created a male breadwinner society that has caused working-class mothers and women of age with young families to be predominantly forced into inadequate, low quality, part-time jobs.

The ILO have since published a comprehensive Action Plan for Gender Equality (2018-2021) for its internal staff as well as for UN management across all its offices (New York, Paris. Geneva).

It is definitely worth a read if your organisation has more than 250 staff and you are considering laying out the provisions for better Gender Pay Gap reporting.

Happy Father's Day!